Solutions by Industry

Solutions By Industry

Contact Center

Contact Center technology sits at the intersection of communications and customer service, requiring solutions to enhance the overall experience of agents and end users. Sangoma’s Contact Center and Service Insight platforms offer exactly what call centers need to elevate experiences across the board.


Advanced Contact Center Features

Whether your call center operations require a full-scale contact center or internal, departmental solution, Sangoma has the technology for your needs. Our contact center systems offer all of the advanced features you need to maximize productivity, efficiency, and enhance user experiences with your brand. We help you stay ahead of industry trends in customer service with all of your tools in one central platform designed for your workflows.

Differentiate Your Brand

Customer service is key to growing your business and ensuring a positive association with your brand. Sangoma’s contact center solutions allow you to deepen and nurture relationships with customers to provide the best experience possible. Seamless and customizable call flows, intuitive agent controls, and insightful analytics empower you to create the brand experience and engagement you envision.

Flexible Platform Options

Sangoma understands the considerations that go into choosing the right contact center platform, which is why we offer two high-value options. For the dedicated call center, our Contact Center solution offers all of the leading features and functionality packaged into one centralized, competitively priced solution that integrates with your communications system or stands alone. For more internally focused call center needs, our Service Insight platform provides critical customer insights across all departments, ensuring all employees can offer the best possible service for each customer.